xuanli zhu


I am a Ph.D. student at the Department of Economics at the University of Tokyo, Japan. I am on the current 2022-2023 Job Market.


Labor, Macro, Economic History
Esp. human capital, skill & task, wage inequality; technological change and technology adoption; job search, job vacancy, matching and sorting; firm dynamics and firm growth


zhuxuanli at g.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp
zhuxuanli46 at gmail.com

working paper:

Establishment Dynamics in Post-War Japan: Missing Entry and Shrinking Size
[draft] [slide] (2022/04)

work in progress:

Japanese Programmers and Technology Adoption
(draft coming soon)

If Knowledge Flows Everywhere, Why Does Academia Not Converge

The Rise of Efficiency Compensation

What and Why Task-Specific Technological Change